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Australia Dancing welcomes you to our website. We are powered by the National Library of Australia and through their help, we provide users with the access to a history of information about Australia’s dance scene, whether past or present.

The aim of the website is to bring together different resources, all in the aim of aiding research to be done in the pursuit of learning dance history. The National Library of Australia, the National Film and Sound Archive—all these institutions are being brought together to create one place to get information from dance.

The directory does this through supplementation by other similar websites and other pages that give information about dancing in Australia through the ages. The information is also similarly provided through this website and through affiliates like the AusDance website.

Australia Dancing is part of this initiative. Partnerships with other institutions were done to maintain the efficiency of the industry and to create a solid back-up to the advocacy for dance in Australia. The initial stages were funded through the efforts of the Australia Council. It is also an initiative to bring Australia Dance to the world and to collect the entirety of Australia Dance in one place.

Copyrights cover most of the content on this website. Agencies with the interest to research on Australia dance are encouraged to provide or link to the concerned content on this website. For more information, visit the section titled ‘copyright and permissions’ available in the ‘help’ section.