The UNESCO Int’l Arts Education Week

In 2012, the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organisation held the Arts Education Week. It ran from the 21st to 27th of May, 2012 and was held in the UNESCO HQ at Paris.

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The aim is to raise awareness for the dance community and the importance of the arts. The call was made to teachers, children, parents, artists, arts education associations and government authorities to track down practices and record traditions, profile innovations, projects, and research that create awareness toward arts education as important in diverse communities. It was agreed upon that the fourth week of May will mark celebrations in these communities.


BlakDance 2012 was an initiative for choreographers, dancers, and people from the industry to come together with audiences for a celebration. It aimed to give a deeper understanding of First Nation Australia through interpretation from dance.

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People who attended got the chance to know more about Australia’s history through dance. It was also a showcase on how traditional and contemporary dance can meet up to develop an interesting storytelling. During that week, there were forums, master classes, and a symposium for artists studying culture.

MoveMe Dance Festival, Perth

Australian Dance Awards